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Is racism making people sick? 

︎︎︎ SEASON 2
After the events of 2020, we are no strangers to stress and anxiety. But for Black and brown Americans, that stress was nothing new. Racial health gaps have always existed, and socioeconomics and racism within the medical system have long kept equal healthcare out of reach. But what kind of toll does the experience of racism itself have on your body? Glad You Asked host Christophe Haubursin wants to know.

Produced by: Christophe Haubursin & Hadley Robinson

Should we worry about GMOs?

︎︎︎ SEASON 1
At the current rate, we'll have to grow as much food in the next 30 years as we have in all of human history. And many experts argue that to do that, we’ll have to engineer the genes of our food. But the concern surrounding whether we should grow and eat genetically modified food has made the technology one of the most divisive topics of our generation. Glad You Asked host Christophe Haubursin embarks on a journey to Hawaii to understand what the controversy is actually about — and uncovers whether GMOs are really delivering on their promise to feed the world.

Produced by: Christophe Haubursin & Mariana Castro

Why are we lonely?

︎︎︎ SEASON 1

We often make assumptions about the things that make us lonely. But research shows that the amount of time you spend with other people, and the quality of our social skills don't really make a difference. So why is it that nearly half of the U.S. population reports feeling lonely regularly? Glad You Asked hosts Alex Clark and Christophe Haubursin set off to discover what causes loneliness, how it affects our health, and what to do to address it.

Produced by: Alex Clark & Christophe Haubursin